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If your brand is interested in sponsoring ELYMINATION or individual esports tournaments, please get in touch.

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  • What are the sponsorship packages?

    Sponsorship can cover the following:● The ELYMINATION event as a whole● Individual esports tournaments within an ELYMINATION event e.g. the FIFA 21 Tournament● An entire division e.g. either the PC, PlayStation, or XBox divisions● We are open to negotiating packages of sponsorship e.g. sponsoring all of the winter sports or motorsports● Donations to ELYMINATION
    Sponsors will be able to place logos on our website, our Challonge Event page and tournament pages, and on our streaming channel pages. Sponsors will be thanked by commentators at the beginning and end of a stream where commentators are used, and in-stream banners will popup regularly.
    If multiple sponsors are to be shown on the same page or at the same time, sponsors who contribute the highest revenue for that event/tournament will be given priority/first position over the others.

  • What is the price of sponsorship?

    As we are launching for the first time in 2021 we have not set prices for sponsorship. Each sponsorship will be negotiated individually.

  • What does sponsorship money go towards?

    Sponsorship money goes towards cash prizes and awards (e.g. medals) for participants, maintenance of the website, production costs such as streaming and commentating, and promotion of the event.
    Some publishers such as Electronic Arts require that tournaments using their games are run as 'not for commercial profit'. EA understands that the running and management of a tournament may incur certain costs, so our monetisation plans (for EA games only) aim at covering such costs - not to generate a commercial profit. EA allow a total cash (or cash value) prize pool of $2,500 USD (or its equivalent in local currency) per tournament. Any sponsorship above that amount is welcome however as it will go towards covering costs.

  • Are there any specific guidelines for sponsors?

    Any business looking to sponsor any of our esports tournaments featuring Electronic Arts (EA) games only, should refer to EA's Community Tournament Guidelines, in particular the 'Prohibited sponsors & partners' section.